Monday, June 30, 2014

Redeeming the Coffee Card

This day started out okay, then it got hairy, then turned into a kind of a bummer, then it picked up and then it got REALLY really good when my hubby agreed to go to coffee with me at my favorite coffee shop which should be everyone's favorite coffee shop AND I realized on the way there that my punch card was full and I was due for a FREE coffee so it would be like a two-fer and this was the card that I found... FOUND on the ground near my church so someone else I don't even know but who has excellent taste in coffee shops has a part in my enjoying that FREE decaf mocha frap tonight. You heard me... I said decaf... and despite the lack of caffeine look at the run-on sentence and all the ALL CAPS and the ellipses!
Thank you, irresponsible stranger, for dropping your card! I tried to think of you with gratitude when I ordered my drink this evening. And can we all agree that I may not have it all together -- my house is dirty and my dog has an ear problem and my children aren't in advanced math and my weight needs some attention --- but gol darnit if my thumbnail isn't clean, trim, and smooth.