Saturday, April 20, 2013

7-Up (to Eight)

Bethanie chose 7-Up as her birthday beverage this year because she turned eight and reasoned that 7-Up means the same as seven plus one, seven "up" to eight. Get it? If so, welcome to the mind of a second grader. Here is her illustration on the cover of her to-go box from dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Love:
Birthday girl, Mama me, and Grandma Noela in the background. Grandma looks a little skeptical - maybe my rear end was in her personal space?'s not every day I make a four-layer cake. It's not every day my sweet daughter turns eight!
Godsister and big sister watching gift-opening.
And, finally, life with a pre-teen older brother means birthday photos of dog booty and little brother booty in the mix.
You're welcome. (Sometimes we writers will do anything to make our birthday blog post unique.)

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