Monday, August 20, 2012

"Make Something Monday"

I'm trying to survive the last week of Summer break.

Today was "Make Something Monday." Tomorrow: "Take a Trip Tuesday." Then "Wet Wednesday;" "Thinking Thursday;" and "Friend Friday." These all ensure that the weekend will be "Super-Tired Saturday and Sunday." 

I found this idea on Pinterest. However, the mom who shared it used it as the basis for her entire summer, whereas I just need to get through one. last. week.

This afternoon I had a delightful and idealistic vision of my sweet children engaged wholeheartedly in craft projects, but I also wanted to weed the shelf-full of "project kits" that has been accumulating since Christmas.

Bethanie pulled out her Shrinky Dinks fairy land.
Joe tackled a bridge-building kit.
Cayna painted plastic butterflies.
And John used the dot-painters.
What did I do? I came very close to hiding under a bathmat upstairs behind locked doors. It is not my forte to facilitate "craft time" even for my own kids. And I'm afraid that my lack of patience made more of a mess than the paint in the hands of the four year-old. But I did do it. That's gotta count for something. Now if you'll excuse me I have to come up with where we're going for "Take a Trip Tuesday."
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