Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Take A Trip Tuesday"

"Take A Trip Tuesday" is great alliteration-wise, but it doesn't work so well when you're on a budget and when the temperature is over one hundred degrees.

We were already on the Strip to go to Confession (only in Vegas, truly!) so we headed to the Bellagio with our friends. Indoor and free!
It sure was pretty. But, honestly, it's not the best place for kids. Once they've marveled at the flowers and the fountains, it's pure torture: a bridge you can't cross; a carousel you can't ride; a lighthouse you can't enter.
Oh well. There just aren't many options in the "indoor and free" category. I think we all made the best of it, and concluded the experience walking by the giant chocolate fountain - which no one could drink from, of course.

With Kevin out of town, and my step-mom out of state, my dear old dad took the kids and I out for pizza. Sunset Park beckoned after that and I got fun photos of the kids on the giant sundial - by their corresponding ages. Except for Bethanie, because there was no "7."

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