Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) I have survived "Flu 2013." It was a heckuva way to start the year, and I can think of about a trillion things I would have liked better in the way of kick-offs, (a formal ball; a trip to Italy; a 90-minute massage...) but there you have it. Other things I've done in the early days of this new year: dental visits for all four children; got the dog spayed; bought new underwear for half the members of my family, and started a lengthy Russian novel (I'm reading it, not writing it, in case there was any question).

2) I got to go to an 80s-themed party not too long ago. It was sheer joy just getting ready for the party! Check out my shopping list:
What a rush to tease my hair and lacquer it with Aqua Net! Here is a photo of the end result. If your first thought is: "Gee, Teri --- that doesn't look much different than the way you do it NOW!" --- keep it to yourself.
3) In an effort stay more informed about current events, we recently started buying a Sunday paper at 7-Eleven on the way home from church every week. I'm sorely disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting, but other than comics and editorials, it's no better than watching the "news" on TV. I will continue to look for a better source. In a related story, our diocese recently got our city hooked up with Immaculate Heart Radio on 970 AM. When we're in the car and I have been able to listen over the roar of my four passengers - I've heard good things!

4) Since Halloween, when I think a lot about candy, I've been wondering why Tootsie Rolls come in so many shapes and sizes. Visiting the Tootsie Roll website did nothing to provide a satisfactory explanation. Yes, they list the names of the sizes: Midgees, Mini-Midgees, 5-Cent, 10-Cent, 20-Cent, Giant Bar, Count Good Bag, and Snack Bar. But I was hoping they would explain what research went into the decision to offer such a variety. I know, this is where my curiosity deviates from yours. You couldn't care less, whereas I have lain awake nights.

5) Is that the proper use of "lain?" Will you explain past participles to me?

6) I have become a devoted fan of "Downton Abbey." We started watching about the time I came down with the flu, and have already breezed through the whole first season and most of the second. Only two episodes of the third season have aired so far and I can already feel a slight depression coming on when we're all caught up and I have to wait an entire week to see new developments.

7) Over the past couple weeks, it has been below freezing more days than not. We made the best of it. A neighbor hosed down his driveway and let it freeze. This provided two solid hours of sledding fun for all our kids right at the end of their Christmas break.
On the down side, those cold temperatures also caused some pipes to bust. While we examined the damage, we glanced over at our neighbor's matching pipe - it was expertly bundled in a cozy gray blankie. Oh, well, live and learn (and check out that icicle hanging off the end of the white pipe! You just don't see those around here every day!) I am newly aware that if we are ever called to relocate to a place like Michigan, or Siberia, we will need a lot of instruction to be able to survive.
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