Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, Volume 2

Participating in this link-up at Fine Linen and Purple is a good exercise for me. I need to access my fashionista side. Anyone who knows me well is now laughing hysterically, but I DO have a fashionista side! Sadly, it is buried by my budget side and my buy-the-kids-their-clothes side AND my I-still-have-to-lose-30-pounds side. So it's good to have to access it. Thanks, Fine Linen and Purple!

Because I was sick last week, this is my first official "What I Wore Sunday" post.

(Below: The author posing in her backyard in Nevada in mid-January, right before going to Mass. In the background, her faithful Yellow Lab, Shyla. Not pictured in the background: her Australian neighbor who is often sans clothing on a weekend morning.)

Our family has a "no jeans in church" rule, but I'm a rule breaker. That's such a lie. I'm a total rule follower. Except for sometimes. And this is one of those times. Because these are not jean-y jeans. They're nice. Non-faded, non-ripped. And, truth be told, I have limited options.

Jeans-Related Side-bar: last week on a friend's "What I Wore Sunday" blog she modeled her new red skinny jeans. In the six days since, I've seen two more women in real life wearing red skinny jeans. I have been having uncomfortable flash-backs to sixth grade when I had red skinny jeans. I say "uncomfortable" because I was Teri then like I'm Teri now and Teri now would have a super hard time pulling off red skinny jeans. Even if I was skinny! Red jeans must take a certain personality element that I am missing. I can do a red Eddie Bauer vest; black fingernail polish; avocado-green jaunty knit cap; but not red skinny jeans. I bet I'll keep thinking about them, though. It's good to have our fashion thinking challenged, so thanks, Kate!

Back to my jeans. They are Coldwater Creek. Coldwater Creek is a nice store where old women shop. That's what I think every time I walk in and see all the old women shopping. Yet I keep finding things there I like! Which leads me to believe I must be an old woman. But if old women wear nice jeans, then maybe it's not so bad being an old woman. I purchased these jeans with a gift certificate given to me by my mother-in-law. I think it's a fantasy of hers that I am an old woman and will soon die so that she can have a new and better daughter-in-law. Did I just write that out loud? Okay, gosh, I promise not to do this with every article of clothing.

My shirt is also from Coldwater Creek. I'm seeing a pattern here.

My boots are from Kohl's, purchased last year or the year before. They're alright. The best part about them is the box they came in. On the side is written, "Life Is Beautiful, Dress Accordingly."

Cozy, happy, cocoa-brown quilted jacket from Costco.

Necklace from Coldwater Creek and earrings (extra-large fake pearls probably not visible in this photo) are from a wedding I was in. Now that would be a fashion post - photos of all the bridesmaids' dresses I've worn. Stay tuned.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Blair said...

You look great and I love the boots. Glad we can't see the neighbor ;) And I think Coldwater Creek is a great store!

Laura Christine said...

Your post cracks me up. Doesn't matter where you bought your clothes--you look great and NOT like an old woman. I ordinarily don't wear jeans to mass either, but I did last week and then a denim jacket this week. Watch out, they're gonna kick us out of WIWS soon!

-Kinsi- said...

Oh geez on the neighbor X-D

I'm a no-jeans-at-church girl, but I forgive you. ;-) I had to bust up laughing when you said that they're NICE jeans, though. I live in a very casual sort of place, and EVERYBODY wears jeans to Mass. I do get the feeling that they justify it by wearing the "fancy jeans," hehe.

I'm 25 and I totally peruse Coldwater Creek every now and then. Call me an old soul.

Las Vegas Mama said...

I love those boots!! I dream about owning cute boots like yours someday... when my calves never. ;)

Cari said...

I also like Coldwater Creek. Maybe you just went on a "old ladies get 10% off" day? Or maybe we all are, in fact, old.

I love the boots.

Is it wrong that I was scanning the background of your picture, trying to see if your nudist neighbor was photobombing?

Mary said...

Love the accessories from Coldwater Creek and the boots rock my friend!

littlecbsmom said...

That is a great picture! I am excited to follow your discovery and proclamation of your fashionista side:)

I haven't bought anything at Coldwater Creek and I'm old...I guess I will be checking them out!

heathorock said...

bridesmaid dresses post please!

heathorock said...

p.s. (unrelated to this post) i think you DO have the quads. it might take some training. but i don't know if the cargo bucket has the legroom for your big kids.

Maryann said...

I only wish I could afford Coldwater Creek, I hear that is where Women of Distinguished Taste Shop, it is just mostly old women who have any money. I am old and I can't shop there, I can only drool.
My thoughts on Fashion are if you like it and it makes you feel good then wear it.

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