Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Few Ways My Day Was Probably Different From Yours

1) My friend came over for a visit this morning and she brought her own breakfast. It was oysters. If that's not strange enough, I later found out on Twitter that today is National Oyster Day. This was unbeknownst to my oyster friend! What are the odds?

2) I got rid of all of our Play-Doh paraphernalia today. Another sign that my kids are getting older. This was part of having to clean out the school room in preparation for beginning school next week. Less significant chores were throwing out all the broken crayons, sharpening the colored pencils, weeding out used-up coloring books, and organizing all the craft supplies. This is the lesser-known side of the glamorous world that is homeschooling. You didn't know we had an annual crayon-and-colored-pencil reckoning, did you?
3) I got free advice from my son's second-grade curriculum. In a paragraph addressing the concern one might have about a kid's reading level, it read, "...the first thing you should do is sit quietly with yourself and resolve your fears in regard to your child's reading." Oh, for crying out LOUD! THAT'S all I have to do? Sit quietly with myself? Sorry, I can't help but ooze sarcasm right now. And I actually love other things about this curriculum and think it's going to go well for us. But even if I didn't, all I have to do is sit quietly with myself and resolve my issues with the soundness of my choice. Right? So glad I know that now. Off to unclog last year's glue dispensers and calm down a tad.
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