Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday's Decisions

Decision #1 - Swimsuits are for pools, not Post Offices. My girls were invited to a friend's birthday party today at a fun community pool and I assumed I'd stay for the party and keep cool in the water. But that's not how it turned out. The hostess had everything under control and it occurred to me that I had two free hours to run errands or read my book. On the way to the Post Office, my one big errand, I remembered I was wearing my swimsuit and spent the next couple miles of the drive trying to ascertain if my self-esteem could handle an appearance in a federal building wearing my swim skirt and striped rash guard. It couldn't. I went home and changed.

Decision #2 - A family of six needs a substantial-size meatloaf for proper nourishment. I finally admitted my family has outgrown my tiny meat loaf recipe. So tonight I doubled my recipe, molded it into a much-larger piece of cookware than my teeny loaf pan and made meat slab. It was delish in its larger form, if not attractive.

Decision #3 - Any stressful situation, especially the acquisition of seven new pets, is made easier with friends. After a two-week-long wait, I took my kids to the pet store to buy the fish they've been impatiently anticipating. We had the aquarium ready, we had friends along for fun, and we took a full hour to decide on exactly which fish. Thank God for a patient pet store worker, and thank God for my friend who came along and made the experience much more pleasant. I'm a fairly independent woman, but I would really rather have a friend along for nearly every new parenting venture.
I took this sweet shot of the kids, but really should have gotten a photo to commemorate Lynda and I at the pet store. Except my expression would have betrayed the amount of strange stress/worry/anxiety I had going on over these darn fish!
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