Monday, August 16, 2010

A Place For Everything...

...And Everything in its Place

Two weeks now and the "settling in" projects are getting fewer and fewer. Still on the list: move the family room ceiling fan into the master bathroom and install our ceiling fan in the family room; install the dining room light fixture; arrange guest room and bathroom decor; touch-up paint upstairs and downstairs; finish hanging things in the school room; build bookshelves in loft; organize closets; hang curtains.

Saturday morning at just after 6:00 a.m., we opened up the garage and moved everything onto the driveway. We needed to organize in there and get the cars parked INside the garage instead of on the driveway. It's way too hot to park outside the garage. It took til almost lunchtime to finish that project. Once again, we are gleefully awaiting trash day to watch a bunch of junk get hauled away.

We have made use of Freecycle to give away half of our moving boxes. The other half went to the family who is moving into our old house (we happen to know them). Freecycle also helped us "place" our darling mice in a new and happy home. Turns out you're not supposed to gift pets on Freecycle, but before Kevin realized that, we had several interested parties.

The gargantuan TV that was in the loft went to a buyer off Craig's List, our giant mop bucket for the all-tile house we just moved out of went to a friend, and many many other items have made their way out of our home via Silver State Disposal. Cayna and Bethanie harvested crystals off the old and hideous chandelier from the rental and the carcass went into the trash.

Just yesterday, in addition to going to Mass, playing with slot cars, and a Band Hero session with the whole fam, we finished hanging things in the master bedroom, placing hooks in my makeshift "mudroom", and putting up new sconces in the living room. It's all coming together. It helps to have a husband who can do everything!

Now you know why I haven't been blogging. And why I'm tired. But now our house really feels like home. We even crammed some baby stuff in the attic. When you have things in the attic, you're really moved in.
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