Friday, May 7, 2010

This Old House

Every time I'm anticipating a move, I become hyper-aware of the things I will miss about the house I'm leaving, as well as the things I will be glad to leave behind.

Even though we don't know yet if we will be able to purchase the "new house" around the corner, some lists are brewing in my brain:

Things I will miss about the house I'm leaving:

our neighbors
our chalky-purple master bedroom
the beautiful trees in the backyard
the separate laundry room
the colorful school room

Things I will be glad to leave behind:

the rocky front yard
the rocky backyard
the horrible view from the kitchen window
the giant shed in the back yard
the cold, echo-y tile floor
the awful shower in the master bath
the awful paint in the master bath
the long staircase with tile at the bottom (ouch!)
the woefully inadequate linen cupboard upstairs
the exterior badly in need of paint

I will avoid making a list yet of the things I like about the potential new house in case we aren't able to buy it. But it's brewing...

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Vicki R. said...

I miss our Henderson home terribly, mostly the big, open spaces. But especially the storage. What I wouldn't give for more storage!! Oh, & the size of the bedrooms. We have 3 bdrms now, the largest being 12x14. But I've discovered that the longer we're in one spot (finally), the easier it is to look at the house I loved as just a memory - there are so many more memories now in this place, it would be hard for me to leave it!