Monday, May 3, 2010


Sometimes Mondays are extra challenging if you've had a particularly wonderful weekend. But sometimes Mondays are like riding the wave after a particularly wonderful weekend - the wonderful just continues. Today is that second type. This weekend was dinner out; 5K with friends; car washing; baseball game in beautiful weather; Mass; shooting rockets; swimming; and dinner at friends'. Whew! I don't want that much activity EVERY weekend, but it sure was fun these past few days.

And now it is the last week of homeschool for the 2009-2010 year. I can't believe it! I am proud of my kids and myself. All in all, we had a great year. There are a few things I hope to change for next year, but I don't have any real regrets. It even feels like a last week of school. All of Joe's math is review, and Cayna's final lesson on Thursday concludes with a poem about Summer. Cayna's handwriting is copying the sentences: "Cayna finished first grade!" and "Cayna is a second grader!" Joe just got paid a quarter for every catechism answer he could recite from the past year. He earned $8.75 and has a good foundation for more scripture and Church teaching. I learned right along with him. (But I can't recite as much as he can.)

Three more days of lessons after today and then we will officially begin our summer vacation! Interestingly, all of the elementary schools in our district are returning to a nine-month schedule after this year, so we will have more in common break-wise with our friends and neighbors. This break is coming at a nice time. If all goes well, my extra-tiredness and first-trimester nausea will kick in within the next week or two (and I do mean "if all goes well" - I'm still nervous about miscarriage) and I won't have any school responsibilities with the kids to worry about.

So here's to Monday. To summer. To another day!
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