Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Favorites

Today, May first, here are five of my current favorites:

1) Do-Overs
Sometimes I write without thinking. It may be hard to believe since if you know me you know I'm ALWAYS even over-thinking. But it does happen. And earlier today my favorite in this space was an actor. I don't know why I chose to list this guy as a favorite, but I did. And now, late in the night, I'm changing my mind about listing him. If I gotta put a guy, it'll be my hubby who puts up with my over-thinking; my 12 year-old son who still lets me hug him a lot; or my five year-old son who tells me almost every day how pretty I am. That's all.

2) EOS Lip Balm
On a hike, my fancy friend whipped out her spherical lip balm and we were all enamored by it. She said she got it at Whole Foods. I imagined a declaration like this: "I buy my lip balm at Whole Foods. No, I can't afford the food there, but every six months I go in and drop four bucks on spherical lip balm." Sadly, the EOS love caught on and now it is conveniently available even at Target, which makes it a little less exotic. But still, I love the shape because it doesn't get lost at the bottom of my purse; the scent because it's pretty; and the balm because it doesn't get all gloppy on my lips.
3) People who help with my kids even if I have to pay them
I need to discuss this for a second. There is a phenomenon wherein a woman who delivers a baby becomes somewhat emotionally attached to the doctor/nurse/midwife who helped with the delivery. Baby appears and mommy is overcome with relief and delight and channels some of these feelings toward the professional person who helped the labor be over and the baby (however slimy) to be born. This is natural. It is also unfortunate when the doctor is a big horse's patootie and really should be fired, but it is what it is. Anyway... I am not a laboring mother at the moment, but I am a somewhat solitary stay-at-home-mom and often feel like I'm doing this mothering/homemaking/homeschooling thing all by myself. It doesn't hurt as bad as labor, but it does cause me a pain or two. Therefore, when ANYONE else steps in, I become enormously grateful and somehow attached to that person. I noticed it the other day on the phone with the guy registering Joe in online school for next year. This guy may as well have been an angel complete with halo and sparkling aura because he was - at even a low level - involved! helping me! taking a part in my child's education! I also notice it when our piano teacher arrives at my house one morning a week. It's hard for me to let him do his job, I just want to sit there and smile sloppily at him. And when he has to call to cancel, I want to melt into a small puddle. I know, I know, I should address the obvious solution to my problem: send them all to public school where there are trained professionals just waiting to help me with my children's education. If that's what you were thinking, I applaud your problem-solving skills. But since there is a different issue at the heart of the problem, we need to talk more. Better yet, come on over and help Joe with his math while you're at it.

4) Heath Coffee Creamer
I love this stuff. A Heath bar, as you may know, is chocolate and English toffee. You may not know that the definition of heath is: a tract of open and uncultivated land. I am curious what the connection is between toffee and heath. I get that they're both English, but I don't have the desire to go research how they came together. What I'm willing to do is sip my coffee with a generous helping of this yummy creamer and simultaneously try to imagine myself strolling through a tract of open and uncultivated land in England.

5) Catalog Living
If I have a dream career apart from what I'm currently doing, it would be to write for a site like this: Truthfully, I would like to have come up with the whole thing. It is the funniest stuff since Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts. If you are not familiar with Jack Handey and his hilarious work - go see!

Thanks to Moxie Wife for today's post inspiration!

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