Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thinking and Praying

I have been thinking often of the three women and child who escaped from captivity recently. 
I can't imagine being kidnapped, sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. But I have experienced birth and motherhood. Motherhood! Motherhood is fall-on-your-face challenging in good circumstances! How did this woman mother a baby, then a toddler, then a young child without the support of others outside their terrible situation? Somehow she did it and in my eyes that seems heroic. I admire these women and their perseverance. And I just feel very very sad about what they went through. So I keep begging God to restore and heal them. Dear Lord, please pour your peace and comfort and great mercy on these women. Please help them find you in the midst of their recovery. Please help them feel and receive the love of family and friends. 
Today, on Mother's Day, bless them with joy. As much as they can handle.
With all the pain I know of in the lives of people on the news and in my own neighborhood, help me trust you in new and bigger ways. 
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