Friday, May 3, 2013

POW (Picture of the Week) DYLAGA (Don't You Love A Good Acronym?)

Our Picture of the Week, Ladies and Gentlemen, is this one:
Today was a beautiful day for a May Crowning of our Blessed Mother in her special month. This is the fifth one I've attended since becoming a part of our truly wonderful homeschool group. The photo credit goes to my sweet friend Graciela. And my darling daughter Bethanie placed the crown on the statue of Mary this year as she is one of our group's first communicants.

Other notable moments: 1) finding out Fr. McShane loves the book Bad Religion too! He's reading it for the second time and discussing it with a book group at a parish in Summerlin. Almost not too far for me to drive to get to take part in what I'm sure is a stimulating conversation. For those who don't know, Fr. McShane is a wonderful priest here in Las Vegas. I am especially attached to him because when we first met, he said, "Are you Irish? You have a very Irish face." Being adopted, this is the next best thing to hearing, "You look like so and so," which I have always wanted to hear. I am exactly half Irish according to the little information I have but no one has ever noticed and pointed out my ethnicity before Fr. McShane.

2) Sitting in the grass with other homeschool moms, kids playing happily, and talking almost uninterruptedly about this wild life we lead.

3) Having the self control to avoid the dessert table. We brought sack lunches and desserts to share so it was a smorgasbord of sweet treats and I didn't have even one!

I'm so thankful for my children who are on this adventure of Catholic homeschooling with me; for the occasional haven of other like-minded Christian adults; and for green grass and flowers and Mother Mary. Hail, Holy Queen enthroned above!

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