Saturday, May 4, 2013

Missed her by THAT much!

As I was paying for my purchases at Target recently, the cashiers were all in a buzz and it turns out Marie Osmond had just been there. WHAT? My favorite childhood performer? Here? In my neighborhood Target? I wanted to ask what she was wearing, how she acted, and what she purchased, but it is this type of weird curiosity that keeps the paparazzi in business so I tried to squelch the reporter in me. Truth be told, I haven't remained as devoted as I once was, with my Donny & Marie records, lunch box, Donny and Marie dolls (I remember how each doll had a hole in its hand to hold the tiny microphone) and regularly scheduled time to watch their super-cool show. I thought Donny was so funny! So cute! And Marie so pretty and sparkly! But I am reasonably sure that if I saw her live and in person and walking out the doors of Target where I go every single week, I would have been a little starstruck.

Anyone else remember them as they were on TV all those years ago?
The time has gone by and I no longer have a record player. As a testimony to their longevity, though, Donny & Marie are still performing here in Vegas - and that explains why she might be at Target (to pick up some Maybelline eye shadow?). Maybe it's good I didn't see her myself. Maybe she needs to remain a performer in my eyes and not be reduced to a fellow Target-shopper. And maybe someone needs to take me to their show!
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