Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aunt Sally would be proud

My mom used to say that the reason Aunt Sally had ulcers was because she wanted a "Norman Rockwell" life and no one can really have a Norman Rockwell life. It doesn't stop some of us from trying.

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am trying to get away with paper plates and potluck despite my desires for Martha Stewart place cards and fancy turkey trimmings.

The menu is nice enough:
turkey & a Honey Baked ham - dad & step-mom
stuffing, gravy, shrimp salad, muffins - mom
veggie & fudge - Karen
mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, pecan pie, Coca-Cola for Kevin - me

This is all well and good til I count the guests and count my plates and the numbers don't match up. AND I am insisting on making a pecan pie from a recipe that I've tried TWICE before and failed both times. Somebody save me from myself!

Meanwhile, tonight I get to go out to an Italian restaurant with women from our Moms' Group and relish someone else's cooking and someone else's plates. Tomorrow begins the pie effort number three!
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