Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pie & Family

I blogged about my high ideals for holidays. In keeping with those ideals, I'll show you the best of the day:

Our family right before Thanksgiving Mass. (Not a holy day of obligation, but I love going to Mass on Thanksgiving. It's just right!)

And the lovely pies that turned out fine. Jack Daniels Chocolate-Chip Pecan, and Pumpkin. Didn't make the crust, but I'm still impressed enough with myself.

Really, our celebration was wonderful. I usually settle in quite nicely with the fact that I can't live up to my ideals. But in honor of those ideals, I'll refrain from showing you a photo of our table. I used red, white, and blue tablecloths and white patio chairs. No candles (there were eight kids here!). No pilgrim placecards or cornucopia centerpiece. And believe it or not, despite all that I still had a nice time. Imagine.
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