Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I caught a small glimpse of Black Friday. Just a small one.

Spent the morning at a park feeding leftover Thanksgiving muffins to the pigeons with John while the other three kids and their friends played. There were a lot of dads and granddads there, presumably keeping the kids entertained while moms and grandmoms shopped. I delight in NOT shopping on this day.

Later on I had a movie date with my friend Janelle. Ten years ago we went to Guatemala together. Today we met up at Rave in Town Square. She's weeks away from delivering her third baby and I left my four home with Kevin. How life changes.

Getting to the movies was my glimpse of Black Friday. Town Square was packed, and so was the freeway getting there.

Dinner was leftovers (how many Americans had leftovers tonight?). Watched "Planet Earth" with the kids. It was the oceans episode. Ever watch educational TV with four children? Kevin and I were laughing out loud at the insane number of comments and questions they came up with. Most of the questions had answers provided by the show, but unheard because they were asking. Boy oh boy.
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