Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday was 11/11 - a great day for people like me who enjoy weird things. And I forgot to blog! How could I do that?

Well, to mark my sadness at missing the occasion, I'll at least share this very unique photo with you:

Wondering what you're looking at? Can you guess? Study closely...
Kevin's extracted wisdom teeth! All four! Two in tact with roots still attached, two in bits-n-pieces.

If that upset you, maybe this photo of John dressed in a tutu thanks to his big sis will cheer you up.

Happy 11/12! (It's just not the same.)


Blah Blah Blayla said...

Eww and Aww... In that order :)
(Thanks for the follow up photo- it really did help)

I thought about waiting until 11:11 to comment, but I'm ready for bed and figured I might miss it... but I did think of you yesterday when I realized it was 11:11!

mom2threepks said...

Not much about body parts grosses me out but extracted teeth do it to me. Thanks for adding that to my morning experience...Nasty! Hope he got some yummy pain meds out of the deal!