Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Can you believe my little guy is THREE? Of course you can... you didn't give birth to him seemingly yesterday.  I guess I can, too, really. I mean - these past three years have been filled with nursing and diapering, naps and crawling and then walking followed by running and scootering and being amazed at how adeptly he could throw and catch a ball. All that kinda stuff takes up time.

Well, li'l ol' J.T. is the big 0 - 3. Crazy, eh? Next thing he'll be driving a car and taking out student loans or trying to skate into someplace East of the Mississippi on a basketball scholarship. Or maybe he'll go the artistic-wanderer route and backpack across Europe moments after his eighteenth birthday. You just never know, right?

I just hope he'll remember me, his mama, who made him a rocket ship cake back in 2010 and watched in wonder as he climbed soon afterwards into the top bunk - across the room and several feet higher than his crib.

My only request when he goes to Europe - send me a postcard now and again, will ya? I've never been to Paris. Too happy staying at home watching little people grow into big.

(Tomorrow I'll post pics of the rocket cake.)
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