Monday, September 27, 2010

"One day can you post about the knives dangling in the background on the kitchen wall? I am curious...."

I love when you comment on my blog! And if you ask me a question, or make a request for a post, I'm going to do my best to respond! (With a TON of digressions, most likely.)

The above question was sent in by alert reader Suzie D. from Salem, Oregon.

Here is a photo of the "knives dangling":

And here is the explanation: This is a "knife magnet". I first saw a knife magnet at my brother and sister-in-law's house (in Redmond, Washington). It was a nice house with a cool Y-shaped staircase. But they never got around to changing the powder room wallpaper. (Told you there would be digressions. I am a master of digressions.) Now they live in Rexburg, Idaho. And they have a VERY nice kitchen. I wonder now if they still use their knife magnet... Rachel?

Anyhoo. The knife magnet is inexpensive, easy to hang, and prevents knives from getting nicked in a drawer - AND prevents fingers from getting sliced in that same drawer.

Related story: I have a friend with an anxiety disorder and she told me she could never have her knives out in plain sight hanging on the wall. Let your imagination try to figure out why, as mine did.

Since we're on the subject of interesting things in my kitchen, how about my butter dish?
I love my butter dish. My daughters like to give it "baths" from time to time. The sight of a peaceful cow going under the bubbles in the kitchen sink is quite fun for them. This butter dish was a Target purchase. Nothing like being reminded where your food comes from.

Here are my "Three Housewives", circa 1972:

These are, technically, in the laundry room - but it's right off the kitchen. They were purchased by my grandma Mary when she redecorated her kitchen in 1972. I asked for them when she died in 2004 and have enjoyed them ever since. They totally remind me of her: she was a busy housewife, and weighed all of 90 pounds her entire life. These hung aside and above her stove in her Tucson kitchen for 32 years. We'll see how long they last above my dryer. Previously, they always adorned my kitchen, starting in Murrieta.

Finally, Abe:

What can I say about Abraham Lincoln? The same man that delivered the Gettysburg Address now adorns the top of my frig. Well... what do you have up there? Someday I'll divulge who's under my bed.
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