Friday, September 3, 2010

First Week... Done!


This time last week I was getting nervous. I know, it sounds silly that I would be nervous about teaching my own kids --- but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't picture how it was going to work (three kids at once!) -- and I am all about imagining things beforehand.

Here I was, with three vast displays of books fanned out before me, trying to figure out how three kids, three grades, and eighteen-ish subjects were going to "come together". I think Kevin took the photo hoping one day I'd look back on this and laugh.

The first day came, and my new fourth grader, second grader, and Kindergartener were happy to pose for photos. Joe wore the same shirt for his first day of third grade, too. I think I ought to be flattered.

Really, the first week went smoothly, and I think it's working well. In the weeks leading up to school starting, many people asked how I was going to juggle all three. It's just that: juggling. But I've learned a few things from last year that make it easier - or at least more manageable. After four days, I can honestly say I'm enjoying it and this curriculum is a better fit for us than last year's.

All that being said, I'd appreciate prayer! I've got a big job ahead.
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