Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First of July

A new month yet again. They just keep coming.

This one started with me getting my sedentary butt back out running again. For the first time since going with my neighbor, Mike. Which was the first time since my half-marathon. Talk about getting back on the horse...

Kevin bribed me into it. He knows I'm a different (and happier) person when I run.

So out I went at sunup today. Nice to see the rays of sun shining out of the clouds; nice to see our church where our two new priests start work today; great to visit the neighborhood pigeons gathered at the end of the street discussing who to poop on; depressing to see how quick I was out of breath. Oh, well - you gotta start somewhere... AGAIN.

I am running a 5K in December with my father-in-law. I will be under 30 minutes. And another 5K or 10K before that (maybe both). Today is registration day.

July is also my doctor appointment month. With every doctor I should see yearly, the dermatologist, the dentist, etc. I always think, "I'll have my appointment in July, that way I'll remember." Because July is my birth month. It doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I'm due for the dermatologist, but I can't remember which other physicians I already saw more recently. Ah, well.

Finally, today is Canada Day. Most of us might not care about this, but when you have recently-relocated Canadians living next door, you get invited to a Canada Day celebration. All I know is that it involves swimming, dinner, and some sort of game. "Brush up on your knowledge of bears, snow, and hockey!" my neighbor said the other day. I might also look up "Mounties" on Wikipedia. Just to give myself that extra edge.

Happy July 1st to you and yours! And only three shopping days to stock up on illegal fireworks for 4th of July.
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