Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am obsessed with painting, because I want to get the to-be homeschool room finished. I'm taking before, during, and after shots to share later. Currently, I'm working on a bright pinkish-red shelf that goes three-fourths of the way around the room. It is a giant difficulty to paint with deep, bright, red.

As much as this occupies my mind right now, it can't be that exciting for everyone else, so I'll just finish off by listing the names of all the colors I'm using. If I ever lose my day job, I want to name paint colors for a living. These particular shades are Behr Paints. Behr is my favorite.

On the main portion of the three walls: Brown Teepee

On the built-in shelves and cubbies: Three Cheers for Pooh (gotta love their Disney line - this one is crazy red)

On the upper wall (above the high shelves): Sunporch (yellow)

And on the accent wall: Americana (blue)

There you have it. Considering the names of the colors, I might at any given time feel like I'm shacked up in a folksy teepee with a honey-loving bear sipping lemonade on the veranda. Do you think that was Behr's intention?

And, oh, as long as I'm advertising for Behr free of charge, I might as well throw in a plug for Purdy brushes (shown above) --- they are the best brushes in the world even when you're dealing with a psychedelic red.
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