Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go Back By the Floorboards

Another scorpion. It's been a while. Long enough that I had fooled myself into believing that they had moved on. Apparently not. Kevin squished it and flushed it and I was thankful that he found it, and not Cayna. It was her hat the sucker was hiding under.

Other news:

Tonight was night four of VBS at our church. Our parish's first ever, since we're fairly new in town and since it takes a LOT of work to pull it off. I want to show you a photo of me and three of my kids in our Cat Chat t-shirts, but I have to have the energy to download photos first. Don't let anybody tell you that there's no such thing as a Catholic VBS! Moses the talking cat is quite the catechist.

I'm working toward writing an article about homeschooling fears or a related topic and tying them together with extreme sports. Interviewed an acrobat, and now am seeking a hang glider to spend a half an hour with. Wish me luck. And pray I have the chutzpah to say no when he or she invites me to hit the sky.

We might see the light at the end of the home improvement tunnel as far as the school room is concerned. More photos of that when it's all done.

It's August Eve. Another month. More of the hottest time in Vegas. Praise God the neighbors have a pool, and we have air conditioning. The kids currently have "inclement weather schedule" where they play board games inside rather than bake their flesh on the asphalt outside. Anyone in Saskatchewan care to compare and contrast "inclement" weather?


Rachel said...

I just found a huge scorpion in my pantry the other day, it still makes me shudder. Soon we'll be off to the land of no scorpions. And you're going to do great with homeschool. Not that everyday will be perfect, but it will be a good thing.

Kristin said...

Well, we did have that late frost in early June that killed off our gardens up here. Then we just spent two different weeks at summer camp when we had to run the cabin heaters at night.

Definitely a different style of "inclement"

mom2threepks said...

FYI: Dave Prewitt used to hang glide!

littlecbsmom said...

We are pretty hot here too, especially for the Northwest! Glad you can find ways to stay cool!

That is a great idea for an article, I say stick with it!

Thank you for squashing yet another Catholic myth...can't wait to see the picture from VBS!!