Monday, October 19, 2009

66 Shopping Days

Tonight I bought my first Christmas present. One down! Somehow it makes me feel MUCH more accomplished than it should just to have one present bought. Reminds me of doing papers in college. Even deciding the topic gave me a sense of having "started working on it". What a joke. If anyone has any ideas of what to get my husband, please send your suggestions.

Today we became a caterpillar murdering family. Who decides to put such delicate nature in the hands of young children? There is one poor little guy still clinging to life, but his chances are slim around here. I see myself ordering more. Geez o Pete.

To complete this random assortment of thoughts - during evening prayer tonight I prayed for some of the people we know who don't know Jesus and then asked the kids to name anybody they wanted to pray for. Bethanie replied: "God, please help us get lots of lovely tasting candy at Halloween."
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