Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"No one's gonna steal HIS lunch money!"

That is what John's dentist said to me following the 45-minute scream-fest in the procedure room. Despite the constant high-decibel hollering and thrashing about, this man was able to "install" two crowns and fill two other cavities in my two year-old's mouth this morning. Actually, he did three fillings because he accidentally knocked one out thanks to John's kicking and had to re-do it. They velcroed up the papoose at that point, which is also when I had to take a breather and sit for a moment in the waiting room. (Note: John did, believe it or not, have sedatives in his body but they didn't have the desired effect, hence the quote in my title. Dr. Bybee handled the difficulties with kindness, patience, and two "thumbs-up" signals directed at me in the midst of the procedure.)

Bottom line: we both survived. John calmed immediately when I held him afterwards and shows no evidence that he minds all the new material in his mouth. God reminded me of his constant presence during the visit, and I really do recommend Ryan Bybee, DDS to anyone in the Vegas/Henderson area. He is my hero for today. So is John.
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