Sunday, October 18, 2009


I started off the morning sleeping in a little. Kevin and Joe were camping in Utah (the rest of us drove there and spent the day Saturday), so we planned to go to evening Mass and that meant we got to have a slow morning and be lazy here at home. Cayna crawled in bed with me a little before eight o'clock and stared at the ceiling fan for a few minutes before starting this conversation:

Cayna: Did Jesus have seven disciples?
Me: No, he had twelve.
Cayna: Oh. Why twelve?
Me: (Deciding to skip the deeper explanation) Because that's how many he wanted.
Cayna: Oh. I'd pick one. That would be easier.

Then I'm sure she progressed through a maze of six year-old thoughts, but I was stuck on what on earth might have led her to question the number of disciples.

Anyway... in other news:

Joe and Kevin had a great campout with the Cub Scouts. They spent two days and two nights in Snow Canyon, Utah - just outside St. George. We made the two hour drive Saturday morning to be with them and it was just beautiful there. We went on a family hike including a tiny bit of rock scrambling and cave exploration and spent the rest of the time in a meadow playing catch, sitting and chatting with other families, watching the kids play kickball, and riding bikes. It was dreamy. Sadly, I forgot my camera so the only evidence I have of the trip is the dune-worth of red sand piled by the shoes in the living room.

Joseph retold a joke he heard by the campfire. He was cracking up so hard when he told it, I couldn't help but laugh. Where does a king keep his armies? In his sleevies!

Once all our divergent paths met again, we attended the evening youth Mass and then went for dinner at Chipotle. That was good times. Cayna did a mean Homestarrunner; ( Bethanie laughed at everything; John ate chips and salsa in adult quantities; and Joe and Kevin told campfire jokes.

After a weekend like this, I'm ready to take on another week!
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