Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Putting my head down on the desk

That's what I feel like. A bit low-energy, high discouragement. Cayna's school is done for the day, except for the art project which I was foolish to order only one. Joe is taking a "recess" and I am blogging. It's cloudy, chilly and windy outside. Perfect day for a hot chocolate, which I will attend to momentarily.

Tonight is Moms' Group. I'm glad God uses me to encourage others once in a while even when I'm down in the dumps-ish. Father John (same Father John from the Target unmentionables aisle) is coming to our group tonight to share his testimony, the role of his mom in his life, and talk about vocations. I can't wait, but it would be hasty to go sit at the church now - eight hours early. Though with a babysitter and an enormous thermos of hot chocolate I think I could pull it off.
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