Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

By wonderful I mean just the right combination of alone time and family time.

Saturday was my monthly day out. I took my time getting ready and even --- believe it or not --- painted my toenails! Quite a time luxury.

I went to Church and sat reading The Privilege of Being a Woman, by Alice von Hildebrand. I finished it, which means now I'm reading only three books instead of four. Had some prayer time and mostly just reveled in the quiet. So nice.

From there to Target. The distance seems far spiritually, but not geographically (a new Target just opened days ago right below our church) - and why can't Jesus hang out with me at Target? He can. As I was heading for an unmentionable aisle, I spotted Father John and decided not to say hi. Call me shy. Do you want to run into YOUR Priest or pastor near the unmentionable aisle?

One quick stop at the library to check out an armful of design and decorating books before I landed pleasantly at a seafood restaurant patio table at The District. THAT was perfect. You can't beat a book full of photos, a plate of scallops, and October weather in Las Vegas.

Yesterday after Mass my dad brought his bike trailer and we loaded up five bikes and a baby-trailer to head to the UNLV campus for a meandering bike ride. It was so much fun. The hills and the grass and trees and endless pathways to follow (plus no automobile traffic) make the place a bike riding heaven. We spent a couple hours, but easily could have stayed all day.

Dad bought us Buffalo Wild Wings takeout on the way home, so that meant NO COOKING FOR TERI! Perfect way to end the weekend.
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