Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Week in a Seven Sentences

1) Some caterpillars arrived today.

2) Figuring out medication is tricky.

3) John needs expensive dental work including two crowns.

4) I joined a diverse homeschool group.

5) Third grade math is difficult for 39 year-old me.

6) Of course Father John knows my cousin Ginger, doesn't everybody?

7) Now that the new Target opened, I never have to leave my zip code again!


littlecbsmom said...

My reponse in seven more:

Wow, you just got those caterpillars!

Medication IS tricky!

Isn't John the baby? How many teeth can he have?

Diversity is good.

Third grade math is hard, at least to explain:)

I don't know Ginger.

Yeah for Target!

Laura said...

I'm gonna try it to:

Caterpillars creep me out!

Is the medication for you or the kids? No matter who it's for, it's tricky!

A crown?

Diversity keeps things

Third grade math reminds me how many brain cells I've lost due to motherhood.

I don't know Ginger either :)

Love Target, but would have a lot more cash if it didn't exist!

Teri said...

The caterpillars had to have a delayed delivery because of the extreme temperatures here. Go figure.

The medication is for me and I'm NOT doing well with it.

John got his first tooth at 3 months, and one a week after that. He had his two year molars around a year. Now he has two severely decayed teeth and needs two crowns and two fillings. Next week is going to be stressful on the day of the appointment.

I'm surprised neither of you knows Ginger. I thought everyone did!

You should see how close Target is to my house. It's quite dangerous for our budget.