Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Arizona Vacation Diary, Day 1

We arrived via Honda minivan in the Grand Canyon State. Six people, forty-six pieces of luggage. Each child wanted their own suitcase. This is handy when it's time to drag everything in and out of lodging places, since each person rolls their own, but it's an engineering nightmare when loading the van. Whenever people ask Kevin if we're having more kids, his standard response is: "We still have seats in the van!" This is true. We do not, however, have any more cargo space. If we ever have more kids, or even when our kids start wearing bigger clothes that take up more space, we will have to acquire one of those storage bins that attach to the roof.

Arrived at the in-laws in Havasu. Only one in-law present - the other is elk hunting near the San Francisco peaks (in Arizona, not California - I have a lot to learn about topography). Maneuvered past the foreboding-looking cacti that line the path to the front door. Once, years ago, Cayna stuck her hand on one of them and we spent hours plucking out the needles. Note to self: If I ever have grandkids, and want them to visit - don't line the walkway with dangerous flora.

Our remaining day was spent in front of the fire with Christmas music playing and the kids tossing ornaments on Grandma's tree. I read a book. Cleverly, I brought three books and one issue of "Runner's World" on this trip and I plan to make good use of my down time.

Kevin watched football, the sun went down, we all went to bed. Four kids in one room - ain't vacation grand?
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