Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arizona Vacation Diary, Day 2

Sunrise in Lake Havasu. And minutes later, my four kids are out of bed.

Stole away to the lake with salami sandwiches. We liked them, and so did the pigeons and seagulls that attacked our family near the beach. Bravely, Kevin ran fifty yards off to drop crumbs and try to save our family. It worked. No one was pecked or pooped on in the end. Kids played at the park, and then the "beach". Lots of shell gathering, rock throwing, rock skipping, and sand castle construction. A beautiful day which explains why folks from all over the cold United States winter here. On the way to the shore, we saw an Alaska license plate and that made perfect sense.

My step sister-in-law is a massage therapist, which turned out quite nicely for me at 2:45 p.m. I had an hour massage along with good discussion about our wacky family. For those 60 minutes, I was in vacation heaven.

Back to the house for a slow evening and Mexican dinner. One action-packed hour was spent removing prickles from Cayna's right hand. This is the second time in her little life that she has placed a hand on a cactus or sticker bush. Both incidents occurred here at the in-laws, and both required a looooooooooooong session with tweezers and a bright light.

Our last night in this strange town is spent by the crackling fire. I finished my book and Kevin played "Rush Hour", a brain teaser game that makes me yell every time I attempt it. And I'm not doing any yelling on vacation. At least not out loud.
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