Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back

In 2009, I:

1) Began to wrap up my 30s

2) Grew in my faith

3) In order to accomplish #2, had to repent of some "I know better than God" attitudes

4) Watched my kids grow up some more

5) Finished a half marathon

6) Visited Elvis the shrink in order to obtain meds in order to get through the days without yanking my hair out at the roots in order to homeschool

7) Painted some walls

8) Read a lot of books

9) Laughed a lot at some TV shows

10) Had fun with women from church

11) Hung out with some Carmelites

12) Dated my husband

13) Tried to lower my impossible standards (and I'll be working on that one into 2020)

All in all, when I look back, it's been a full year.
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