Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Loves

First, it was the company Christmas party. Here I am with my marvelous husband, aren't we dapper?

Next thing you know, it's Christmas Eve. Joe sang in the choir at Mass, then we went to my mom's for her traditional prime rib. She wouldn't even let me bring anything... darn! Here are the girls investigating ornaments by Grandma Noela's turquoise tree. Both of those they're holding are from my childhood, and that butterfly was a favorite.

Back at home, before they all put on jammies and settled in for visions of sugarplums---the crazy crew in front of our tree (and the slightly obnoxious snowman countdown guy that the in-laws got for them last year).

Here are some folks from the Nativity out for a cruise in Barbie's convertible. Nice of Barbie to loan it to them, huh? This carload consists of baby Jesus (not properly restrained in a carseat); two Marys; Joseph; and two shepherds. They hail from two Nativity sets: a wooden version my mom gave us about eight years ago (when there was only one kid) and the newer Little People set from mother-in-law.

To highlight some favorite gifts, here is Kevin with his slot-car set:

And me with my new sewing machine!

Being faithful (and enthusiastic new) Catholics, we continue to celebrate Christmas until Epiphany. We're trying to uphold this celebration with fun family activities each day. Since the kids made the list of fun family activities, you can imagine their scope.
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