Friday, December 18, 2009

How we spent our December vacation

Kids and cousin Will decorated Grandma Jan's tree (yes, that's a bison in the background):

At the "beach" in Havasu.


Kevin throwing rocks (trying to hit a far-out buoy):

Joe throwing rocks:

John throwing rocks:

Kids by the giant fireplace at the hotel in Williams:

Joe, me, and Cayna smiling big in our hotel room:

Love family standing by the Polar Express:

Four Loves bowling (Kevin's dad, step-mom, and us):

And the kids. John won, he beat everyone - no joke:

The kids freezing their little butts off at the 5K:

After the finish. Me and my running partner (Kevin's dad) and my kids:

Joseph turns nine! How can that be? Delivering the cake so he can blow out the candles.
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