Friday, December 4, 2009

Arizona Vacation Diary, Day 4

For a woman who has a long way to go practicing self-control, buffets are not my favorite thing. Unfortunately, included in our Polar Express package were a dinner and breakfast buffet. I managed to resist the muffins and Frosted Flakes, and had a very Atkins-y breakfast of eggs and bacon.

We loaded up our freezing-cold van, took some pictures of the kids by the hotel's huge fireplace, and headed out of Williams.

Between Williams and Prescott, we saw antelope and sheep running wild. Not our normal scenery.

Prescott is a lovely town. It really is. And my in-laws have the most wonderful house up in the mountains overlooking a whole valley on one side and surrounded by trees on the other. We hope to see the deer that frequent their yard while we're here.

That said, it's brutal to run here. It's cold, it's over 5,000 feet, and there are some HILLS like I've never known out there. But I survived, (often slowing to 13-minute miles going up the hills). Now to keep from embarrassing myself tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying the company, the town, and the multitude of events planned over the next few days.
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