Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Day Eve

Tomorrow is the race!

Today I am upping my ibuprofen. Bought some super sunblock for my face and some sunglasses that are more aerodynamic/less fashion. Usually I run in my glasses, but I think I'll actually shower and put in my contacts since the sun should be shining. My clothes are set out. My diet today is healthy and I'm doing lots of hydrating and stretching.

Gotta charge up the GPS, iPod, and get out the "Gatorade belt". I'm really no good at the water stations.

Tonight I'm attending a Lenten retreat, which will happily take my mind off 13 miles of running.

I'm mostly scared of knee pain right now. I'm wondering if I can draw on the same strength that got me through labor four times to get me through hours of running with one knee on the fritz. That's my hope. Self-talk will be my savior or my doom.

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