Monday, March 30, 2009

E Bucket

Cayna was excited to fill the letter bucket from her Kindergarten class, and her presentation went well. It was just so cute I don't want to forget, so here is what she included in the mix:

Eyeball - made from a golfball and a Sharpie
Earrings - a sparkly, blue, hang-down-y, gaudy pair that I detest and she LOVES
Equal sign - I believe this was Joe's idea, and he drew one on a blue piece of paper
Ewok - thanks to Kevin's old Star Wars action figures.
Enchilada Sauce - right out of the pantry
Elephant - a paper-bag-puppet version made by Cayna
Egg Separator - pronounced, in Cayna's Jersey accent: "Egg Sep-uh-way-duh"

She vetoed my idea of including an "e-mail". Sheesh. She goes for the Ewok, but not the e-mail. I don't get it.
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