Sunday, March 8, 2009

number three turns four

In honor of Bethanie since she just turned four.

Newborn Bethanie Kerala - one day old baby number three eleven pounds much loved:

Pretty bouquet. I love getting flowers after giving birth. I also love grape juice, bed, someone else's cooking, sleep, flannel receiving blankets, and reruns on late-night television.

March, 2005. The three Love kids. Adorable trio.

Sisters. Cayna is an expert big sister. They love each other like crazy.

A recent photo of the little angel. Now she's a big sister herself. Pictured here with her baby brother, a band-aid on her finger (heavy addiction), and licking the spatula. Of all four kids, Bethanie is the one who most likes to help me in the kitchen. I hope to train her quickly to take over the position.
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