Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saints -n- Stuff

Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, husband of Mary. I celebrated by having a frosted Brownie (with our Canadian neighbors who inform us it is unheard of to eat unfrosted brownies where they're from). We gathered to celebrate the feast day and we prayed a litany. Here are some of the cool titles for St. Joseph:

Renowned offspring of David
Light of Patriarchs
Spouse of the Mother of God
Chaste guardian of the Virgin
Foster father of the Son of God
Diligent protector of Christ
Head of the Holy Family
Joseph most just
Joseph most chaste
Joseph most prudent
Joseph most strong
Joseph most obedient
Joseph most faithful
Mirror of patience
Lover of poverty
Model of artisans
Glory of home life
Guardian of virgins
Pillar of families
Solace of the wretched
Hope of the sick
Patron of the dying
Terror of demons
Protector of Holy Church

Today also marked the end of the Novena to St. Joseph. My first novena! Just a nine day prayer for a specific request.

And, since this is quite the Catholic post, might as well share a photo of my children decked out in honor of St. Patrick a couple days ago:

Finally, we're so excited for OUR Joseph who will be receiving THREE sacraments at Easter Vigil. A couple weeks ago, we journeyed to the Las Vegas Cathedral for his Rite of Election. Afterward, he got to meet the Bishop (another Joseph) and it was a wonderful time. Also pictured is a Knight of Columbus in full regalia and Joe's Godmother Karen (also our resident Canadian who teaches us the proper way to serve brownies.)
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