Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out Like a Lamb, my booty!!!

March is supposed to come IN like a lion but go out like a lamb, right?

Notsomuch in my little hometown, nosirree. On my better days, I can sit in my tract home, hoping the walls stand up to the gale force winds, thanking God for his might and for my shelter. But most of the time I just grumble.

Tomorrow is April. I can hope for calmer weather. I can also hope to come up with a great April Fool's joke, but nothing is coming to mind.

But since this began as a letter to the complaint department, let's just finish it off:

As much as I love my new oven, I am frankly afraid of all the disasters that await since I today discovered that the timer sounds a gentle "beeeep" only once and then nothing. Just burnt banana bread.

Les Miserables is 1,463 pages??? Criminy! When (if) I get my eyesight back, I'm taking it on, though. Anyone care to join me? P.S. Why did they translate the whole 1,463 pages but not the title? Even I know what the title means in English. Do your job, people!

Our school district is seemingly HORRIFIED that only 25 parents have filled out their online survey. Frankly, you'd think they'd be relieved. With all the budget cuts, I would anticipate some cuss words and slander. Might as well take those 25 respondents and call it good.

Why can't I have a friend in every career field? It would sure come in handy. I especially right now need an appraiser (precious metals and antiques); an eye doc; a literary genius of a broad sort; and maybe a massage therapist. In my personal life, the scales are tipped career-wise in favor of engineers, InterVarsity staff, attorneys, and teachers. Hm.

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littlecbsmom said...

We had nasty wind today too! I am really waiting for sun..hard when you know it's spring! Winter is supposed to be cloudy and cold, but now we need the sun to grow things!

As much as I would love to join you reading a book at the same time with you...that does nothing for me! Have fun!