Friday, March 6, 2009

Talk Worked

That little talk with my knee, along with my nurse-friend-prescribed ibuprofen and my mini-bag of frozen black-eye peas has done the job! I'm up and running! I'll taper my running any second now in preparation for the 13-mile day, but yesterday I ran twice! Let's just say I'm so happy to be functioning I had to celebrate. I also spent a little time on the elliptical and hefted mega-pounds with my quads in an effort to support that silly knee.

In other areas of concern - I still don't know if my hubby will make it with all four kids to the finish line, but I'm holding out hope.

I decided I'm wearing my Penn t-shirt in honor of my brother. Back in my cow-collecting days, he wore a holstein pattern on his college graduation cap for me. I figure the Penn shirt will be a tribute to him. In the beginning, he was my inspiration to run in the first place. And my sister-in-law is my go-to training guru, so I gotta figure out a way to honor her that day, too.

Counting the days!
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