Saturday, August 15, 2009

If You've Got the Extra Particle Board...

Cayna had been asking Kevin to make a princess for her for days. And she wanted it made of wood. She went to the right place, since our garage is still part workshop after all the shelf-making Kevin has been doing.

The other night, the two of them disappeared into the garage to make the princess. I don't know what I was picturing, but there was an awful lot of sawing going on. Half an hour later, they emerged, and Cayna was beaming with delight over her particleboard princess (which, incidentally, is massively heavy and she can't even carry it upstairs to her room without Bethanie's help).

Doesn't Cayna look cute in goggles? There she is with Miss Stephanie, in case you were wondering her name. She awaits a coat of primer and some "decorating" by Cayna. Does this mean I don't have to buy her an American Girl doll for Christmas?
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