Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ski Lessons

On a snowy mountain outside Salt Lake City, Utah, I took my first ski lesson. The instructor said something like: "If you finish here today and like skiing even just a little bit, you could probably be a skiier."

Yesterday was our first day of homeschooling, and I was reminded of those profound ski-instructor words. There were a couple hairy moments (like when Bethanie was pouring out her worst whine and John was having a fit at the same time), but through the whole (rather short) experience, I was thinking it was pretty cool.

There's an adjustment phase we have to go through - and the ensuing stress that any transition brings - but I did end up liking skiing more than just a little bit - and that involves the risk of hitting trees at seventy miles an hour. The worst that can happen with homeschooling is that my kids will grow three heads and shoot at honest citizens from a clock tower.

But just look at these cuties. I don't think they'll be setting up any clock tower perches anytime soon.

P.S. They're holding up "number one" in honor of the first day of school.
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