Sunday, August 23, 2009

Office/School Room Before and After

We worked hard on this room and we're really happy with it. Now we pray that our school time here will be blessed by God.

Here is the main wall as it was before we started:

And here's the same view today:

Here's the "closet space" for the room. It used to house a wire shelf (now in the garage) full of the kids' craft supplies and some of our other assorted junk (which I had to find a better home for):

And the same space now, which holds my desk, a shelf Kevin built for school books, and all my other assorted office supplies:

Finally, a view of the window, the kids' table, and more shelves Kevin built. I designed the curtains, and my lovely seamstress neighbor Karen sewed them (and Kristi's mom, Melody hemmed them). I LOVE all the color in this room.
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