Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mom's Day Off (Out)

I had my monthly day off this past Saturday. I'm still figuring out what to make of my days off. Primarily, I just need a day off of my main responsibilities (my children and my home). Secondarily, I need a little silence, a little solitude, some spiritual refreshment, some friend time. The great thing is no one dictates this but me and so I can tweak it a little every month.

Well, this month was devoted necessarily to one of my least favorite activities: shopping. I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and some remaining school supplies to procure. Plus my step-mom wanted to take me out for a belated birthday lunch. So we met at the District and ate at Tacone (which I still don't know how they pronounce). Mmmmmm - shrimp burritos. Then we shopped around a little together, parted ways, and I shopped more... and more... and more. I kept thinking I could never ever go that many places with kids. Furthermore, I could never ever go that many places with anyone I'd want to keep a friendship with. It was crazy. I tired myself out completely before landing in a custard shop to enjoy dessert and journal some goals for my kids this school year.

Due to the record-breaking number of stores I hit, I feel the need to list them (and what they offered):

Janie and Jack (step-mom shopping for her great-grandchild to-be)
Anthropologie (looking for home decor, bought hand lotion with birthday cash)
Magnolia Lane (looking for home decor, step-mom bought me a little wreath)
Brighton (looking for anything under $185.00 - step-mom bought me earrings)
Pottery Barn (looking for desk organizer)
Williams-Sonoma (step-mom looking for skillet - I assured her she could find one at Target for one-fifth the price)
Wal-Mart (bought LOTS of school supplies for $13.00)
Lakeshore (bought the rest of my school supplies)
DSW (spent the rest of my b-day money on two pairs of shoes and the first purse I've bought in eight years - I've always had diaper bags that hold my wallet, etc.)
Target (one always "needs" something at Target)
Pier One (looking for who-knows-what, I think I was in a daze by this point)
Aaron Brothers (whoops! forgot the kids needed sketch books)
Home Goods (carried a plastic lobster around the store for Bethanie - long story - but ruled it out because it was $14.00)
Lowes (sheet metal - I'm making my own magnet board)
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