Sunday, August 2, 2009

A little vent about my kangaroo

I already, apparently, hurt someone's feelings on Facebook. (Which, if you were paying attention, I have not been on in MONTHS!) So, in an effort to keep myself out of MORE hot water, will refer to my problem with the code name "kangaroo."

Sometimes I hate my kangaroo. There it is. Sometimes makes it hard to follow Jesus, hating my kangaroo, but on certain days I can't help it. It sucks. Then the anger subsides a little and I just wish I could lightly dismiss my kangaroo. Like, ignore it, you know? But it won't go away. It can't. Just not in the nature of a kangaroo. Plus, I think it would not be healthy for my future kangaroo to banish the original kangaroo, know what I mean?

In order to maintain a safe blood pressure, and keep from eating entire gallons of ice cream in a depressive frenzy - I will pray about the kangaroo, hope for its salvation, and to be completely honest -- avoid kangaroo issues for as long as possible until this current wave of annoyance subsides. Which will, incidentally, take some kangaroo effort. Let's not hold our breath.

For the record, I am a firm believer in the policy that if you are angry or upset at a person, you go tell that person. You don't stew. You don't go tell OTHER people. It's scriptural! It's common sense. It's relationally healthy. There. I wish I felt better.
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