Thursday, August 13, 2009

Short Summer

I had intended to give the kids a longer break than they would get with their public school schedule. I thought it would be a good thing to "undo" the old routine before beginning the new. But after a lot of discussion and consideration, we're starting the new school year right along with most of the rest of Las Vegas. Which means just over a week from now. I think that it will take the new routine to undo the old. And they want to have the same first day as their friends in public school.

So... as soon as I made that decision, the first big wave of panic rolled over me. I've had smaller waves of panic. This was more like a tidal wave. Nothing to do but pull out the schedule, books, and lesson plan and tackle my fears. Other than a few "hitches" with their math and their art curriculum, it was a breeze. I'm ready, in other words.

I'm hoping some wise and creative people I know will read this and chime in with comments including your favorite "first day of school" ideas. So far, we're going to do a couple fun things, a light intro to their texts, and then a parade around the house. I'm calling it a "school tour". This is it, kids! This... your HOME... is also our school! I've already thought of the joke I'll make as we pass by the bathrooms, but I'll spare you my corny sense of humor on that one.

Oh, and fun moment with our pediatrician. He's a rather stern Middle-Eastern guy who smiles very subtly, and talks softly and chooses his words. At an appointment last week, he asked Joseph what school he went to. Joe told him he's going to homeschool and this doc perked right up. "Can I send my kids to you?" "That's great!" "Hey, how 'bout a joint venture? I'll do science and math!"

Gotta love it. I'm adding my kids' pediatrician's offer to teach science and math to the most surprising responses I've had so far.
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