Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My New Bird Hobby Idea

Let me describe my backyard for you: rocks. That about says it all. Well, there's also an obscenely large shed complete with windows and flower boxes. And a trampoline. And a crabapple tree. And a small garden. And a covered patio and a patio table and chairs. And a barbeque grill. Some palm trees. And some other trees. And probably upwards of nine-thousand scorpions. But mostly it's just rocks.

For my birthday, my dad gave me a large bag of birdseed (don't ask - I honestly can't answer). So lately Kevin thinks it's fun to scatter birdseed in the rocks all over the backyard. He also puts it in the bird feeder Joe made in Cub Scouts. We now have a veritable aviary out there. Except when they've had their fill of seed and tweety conversation with other birds they can fly away. A true aviary is enclosed, I believe. I didn't know we had any other birds besides pigeons and sparrows around here. And the occasional quail, hummingbird, and roadrunner. Turns out there are LOTS of birds around here. Maybe they didn't get the memo that this is the desert and we aren't supposed to have trees to house them. Although we do, since we didn't get the memo that this is a desert. Anyway... I should make the most of this. I think I should hang a feeder outside my kitchen window so I have something to watch other than my neighbor's shenanigans. [Seriously. I watched his divorce unfold and now a new lady-caller comes around in her Pontiac Solstice and stays til all hours.] I think I was needing a new hobby anyway. Birds might be just the ticket.

My first question to research as part of my new hobby is - why, with all this free birdseed, are there no pigeons joining in the feast? We have thousands, maybe millions of pigeons in our area - to the point that we try to run them over in our minivans - don't they eat birdseed? Or are they just content feeding on trash and pooping it out on my roof? Do they eat trash? I've heard them called the rat of the bird world so I guess I assumed they eat trash. But then again, I've never seen them hanging out by my dumpster.

My. I've painted a right pretty picture of life in the Vegas suburbs haven't I? At least I have no shortage of hobbies to pursue. Now to find out if there are any breeds of bird that prey on scorpions. If I can capture a photo of a bird attacking a scorpion by the crabapple tree, I'll post it here first!!! Stay tuned, friends!
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